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July 19, 2007, 10:20 PM CT

Classic beauty and remarkable strength

Classic beauty and remarkable strength
Pupa Gilbert, a professor of physics, holds an abalone shell. Gilbert and her colleagues are studying how the microscale architecture of mother-of-pearl, the iridescent material that lines abalone shells, makes it 3,000 times more fracture-resistant than its mineral building blocks.
Photo: Jeff Miller
While the shiny material of pearls and abalone shells has long been prized for its iridescence and aesthetic value in jewelry and decorations, researchers admire mother-of-pearl for other physical properties as well.

Also called nacre ("NAY-ker"), mother-of-pearl is 3,000 times more fracture-resistant than the mineral it is made of, aragonite, says Pupa Gilbert, a physicist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "You can go over it with a truck and not break it - you will crumble the outside [of the shell] but not the [nacre] inside. And we don't understand how it forms - that's why it's so fun to study."

Understanding the mechanism by which nacre forms would be the first step toward harnessing its strength and simplicity, she says. "We don't know how to synthesize materials that are better than the sum of their parts."

Writing in the June 29 issue of Physical Review Letters, Gilbert and her colleagues in the UW-Madison department of physics and School of Veterinary Medicine, the Institute for the Physics of Complex Matter in Switzerland and the UW-Madison Synchrotron Radiation Center, now describe unexpected elements of nacre architecture that may underlie its strength and offer clues into how this remarkable material forms.

Like our bones and teeth, nacre is a biomineral, a combination of organic molecules - made by living organisms - and mineral components that organisms ingest or collect from their environment. The aragonite mineral in nacre is made of calcium carbonate, which marine animals form from elements abundant in seawater.........

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Sun, 17 Jun 2007 12:40:19 GMT

An unusual belt

An unusual belt
If you do not own and wear a belt by now, you must be paying very little attention to what I'm saying here. Once again: belts are the accessory for winter 2006/2007.

Now we've sorted that out, how about a new belt? Forzieri hBrambilla belt to offer:
"In genuine leather, this belt has to be put on a low waist skirt or pants and will enhance all your femininity with strand chains hanging down from the stainless steel keeper in order to adorn your figure."
Also, you can wear it over a dress.

Available at Forzieri for $226

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Sun, 17 Jun 2007 12:22:37 GMT

Fashionable USBCell batteries

Fashionable USBCell batteries
Stylish batteries may not be on your top 100 list of fashion accessories -- especially if you never knew they were an option -- but if you think about it, in the back of your mind, haven't you always wished for a prettier battery? After all, it's a product that shows up in your life on a daily basis, and you have to look at it just like you have to look at your coffee maker or toaster, which have long been a part of the world of style.

Moxia Energy, maUSBCell rechargeable battery, will soon be releapastel-colored AA batteries for the "increasingly fashion conscious battery consumer."

There's no information yet on pricing of the pastel batteries, but the regular USBCell batteries come in packs of two for $19.95. Considering that they can be recharged hundreds of times from USB ports, the price is both an economical and ecological investment.

Moxia is also working on Tartan designs for Scottish customers and camouflage versions for the military, and designers are invited to work with the company to create other exclusive battery designs.

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Sun, 10 Jun 2007 01:02:58 GMT

Luminous Pant and T-Qualizer Shirt

Luminous Pant and T-Qualizer Shirt
Deciding an attractive and radiant dress to disco has always been a problem to me. Today, I found a good end to my seluminous pant and T-shirt! Without any question Ill burn the floor with my flaming LED pant and T-Qualizer Shirt.

The T-Qualizer Shirt smartly converts sound into glowing equalizer. Sorry, I couldnt find this heart shaped T-shirt on the site so you mayrectangular equalizer t-shirt ($39.99). This t-shirt works on 4AAA batteries and the t-shirt must be hand washed by removing the battery pack.

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Wed, 23 May 2007 23:09:10 GMT

Combination skin troubles

Combination skin troubles
Is there a greater trouble than combination skin? I have it for as long as I know and let me tell you, a gal has to work really hard in order to get rid of the shine AND the dryness. And the situation only gets worse in winter, when you need more hydration. If you slap on a rich cream formulated for dry skin you'll shine like a lampoon and if you apply a fatty-skin solution there's no way your skin will get hydrated.

But there really are anti-wrinkle combination skin moisturizers which work! I have recently receiveVichy Meokine intensive dermo-crease reducing corrective wrinkle moisturizer, formulated specially for 30-40 women and combination skin. I just love it! It fills up my little wrinkles, but it also delivers hydration and a long lasting feeling of no itching, no pulling and no burning, with the most perfect matte finish.

Worth every buck I tell you, if you have a shiny forehead and nose with dry cheeks and have never been able to find just the perfect moisturizer.

GeVichy webshop for $32

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Wed, 23 May 2007 23:02:02 GMT

Glitzy Swarovski Crystal Philips USB

Glitzy Swarovski Crystal Philips USB
Its very boring to look at computer ports. You would definitely welcome an idea, which brings uniqueness and style to these boring devices. Gadget fashionistas have understood the boring life of geeks and have added some spicy bling to their gadgets and electronic like this awesome USB pendants which are created by Swarovski & Philips. USB pendants are encrusted with Swarovski crystal and are protected by a user password. The 1GB USB is available in four different shapes of a HeartWare, Heart Beat, Lock In and Lock Out.

Till august you may carry on with your usual USB as by that time these glistening Philips USB pendants will hit the market. Sorry I am not able to tell you their cost as it is not yet disclosed.



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Mon, 21 May 2007 15:01:18 GMT

Who Said Pearl Jewelry Had to Be BORING?

Who Said Pearl Jewelry Had to Be BORING?
Iridesse is both a real store and also a from Tiffany that specializes in just PEARLS!!! Wow.. we do love pearls. Perfect for brides, Mother's day anniversaries, birthdays and "no reason" gifts. . We did do a little cherry picking of jewelry for you though.. we always love to help you out in a pinch. A get this-- the prices won't break anyone's bank!
Shown above is just one of MANY phenomenal pieces that are reasonably priced as well as some that can go into 4-5 figures. It's up to you what you want to spend. However we liked this cultured freshwater black near round pearl and leather bracelet with sterling silver beading. Cultured freshwater pearls, 5.5-6mm. Bracelet, 7.5" long.
It's got an edgy feel that makes it less staid and traditional and would work for any age of woman. Plus it's only $70!!
There are even cufflinks for men too so figure something out here that would work for him for Father's Day or any gift giving occasion.
This is HOT!

Check it out!
Stevie Wilson

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Sun, 13 May 2007 16:57:15 GMT

Clear bags - how our secrets came out

Clear bags - how our secrets came out
You must have seen it at least once on the spring/summer 2007 runways - the transparent or clear handbags are all the rage.

Sincerely, I wouldn't want anyone to see which magic tricks I wear up my sleeve to maintain my beauty needs, whether I have a sneezy nose problem or half eaten chocolate bars waiting to be finished off in my bag. But that's only me. If you're determined to follow fashion word for word, I have found three most delightable clear handbags to own.

Remember, wear only with casual clothes, or when doing the whole new sporty chic thing!

Clear tote - Oscar de la Renta transparent travel tote is big enough to be fashionable and see through enough to show all your posAvailable at Bergdorf Goodman for $895 Clear handbag - More of a handbag than a tote this Lambertson Truex Sandy Tote with Pouch makes it possible to hide somethingAvailable at Saks for $445 Clear hobo - Julia Cocco Italian style clear hobo bag is so cute even I would think of purchasing it. The best way to go clear if you care for my Available at Forzieri for $209

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Sun, 13 May 2007 10:13:40 GMT

Lindsay Matches Dress with Pink Band-aid

Lindsay Matches Dress with Pink Band-aid
If Lindsay Lohan is able to make it to the headlines, she ensures that she gets herself clicked by paparazzi by employing stupid gigs.

This time, LiLo was seen with a bright red plaster adorning her arm. Thank god, the publicity-starved babe confined it just to a plaster and didnt go to the extent of flashing her intimates.

The Mean Girls actress was seen wearing the colorful Band Aid on her left arm as she strolled around West Hollywood.

The colorful plaster might soon become the hottest fashion of the season anything is possible in Hollywood. I just hope that the awful deck shoes she’s wearing dont catch up as a fashion trend.



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Sun, 13 May 2007 00:21:34 GMT

Radia Concept Phone

Radia Concept Phone
SlashPhone writes about this concept phone: “As cellular phones become a standard, the statement they make as a symbol and a fashion accessory has become increasingly important. The Radia phone concept expresses simplicity in form and sophistication in function and user interface. The outer rim, which is made of brushed aluminum makes both a refined professional statement.”

“The touch-display is large enough to read and display many types of information, yet small enough to maintain a pocket-sized device. Simplicity is also expressed in the power button, which is flanked by the earpiece speaker, and balanced by the microphone which is 180 degrees around the perimeter.”

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